View Full Version : Shadow on objects?

27-03-08, 17:02
How do I do that? with StripX ? because ther are some object that need shadow! ;)

27-03-08, 17:04
yep, you open up the light editor [i believe it's in one of the drop down menus on the toolbar in strpix]

and it enables the light editor. i think you can only edit this on statics. hmmmm

Lara's Backpack
27-03-08, 22:36
Just hit ctrl+l in stripix, and it comes up with the lighting editor.

28-03-08, 06:31
ok but what do I need to do when I opened it? nothing seems to work but when I press change all it get's darker or lighter?

28-03-08, 07:07
See this tute at LH by EssGee for some instructions.
Link (http://www.larashome.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=25632)

28-03-08, 13:37

How did Trangel maneged this then? I cant figure it out with the tutorial! :(

28-03-08, 17:17
To edit it, you move the slider (lower numbers are lighter, higher means darker). Then you click vertex 1,2,3,4 or any combination and click the face (on the actual object in the render window) you want to change. It takes a bit of practice to work out what's going on. :)