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God Horus
28-03-08, 15:46
So I am using TREP and BINK video to add an intro FMV to my game. First I had a huge 50 MB one, but I took the time to make a quick 45 second, simple one. When I convert it, it always causes Tomb4.exe to crash. My other FMV never game Tomb4 this problem. I think that the problem i the way I choose to compress the video/audio, etc. I watched the video with Bink Player, and all there was was static, the video was fine, but the audio was static. So I am now trying to convert it again, but does anyone know what the best compression options are so it will work? Because I DO NOT want to add a huge 2 minute 50 minute FMV to my level, the new 18MB one would work if it didn't crash.

28-03-08, 18:02


*Use the bink.dll from TRL/A :D

God Horus
28-03-08, 18:07
I am using that one, the other FMV works fine, but the new one I am trying to use wont work. I will try something else :hea: