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God Horus
28-03-08, 18:23
In TRSEARCH HQ Emergency, next to the compass there is writing, (the objective) and sometimes there is like a little hint, or other times it's something fun (like the lottery thing), I would like to try this out, but I do not know what to do. Is it something done with the compass?

29-03-08, 03:20
Post a screen if you can ive not played the level , is the hint different for each level?

As i said in the other post its possible to make the compass mesh to fill the whole inventory screen, so you could apply any texture to a flat surface and display text.

p.s try to give your posts a decent description, im noticing alot of 'how do i do this' or 'help' posts recently

30-03-08, 02:39

30-03-08, 02:59
It looks to me that there were 2 flat meshes linked with the compass mesh and they were textured , I think a better way to do that now is to use the inventory.bmp backround image function with TREP