View Full Version : TR3 meshes in TR4 wads?

29-03-08, 13:19
Does anybody know why TR3-Lara's thigh meshes appear in the TR4-wads, even the revised ones?

29-03-08, 13:34
i think the designers just recycled old meshes in order to save time.

29-03-08, 13:39
Laras TR3 head is in there , and in the sprites list there are the TR5 ugly inventory boarder, and things like the crawlspace jump (that was never used ingame) They just left junk and experimental things in there, just lucky for us that it gives us a chance to change them into something usefull

29-03-08, 18:05
I've also noticed whenever you copy speech heads into the wad, you get the entire VCI outfit from tr5 in 'blank mesh' form (when they appear only as points, there are invisible and untextured).

How can you get rid of these?