View Full Version : My level is always crashing!

29-03-08, 19:29
I have built a level, and when I go in to play it, it always crashes. The title loads, and so does the level, but it crashes after 2 or 3 minutes of gameplay. (my level is called Hell's Hand, and it has a lot of fire, and red fog, etc, etc, it looks really good and I am so happy with it and I do not want to start again)

I have re-built my wad twice, used TRFix, etc. Can I sent my files to somebody for them to check it out?

God Horus
29-03-08, 19:34
There could be a number of reasons why it is crashing. Since you volunteered to send it to somebody, just PM it to me, and upload it into www.sendspace.com, and I will have a look at it.

29-03-08, 19:38
File sent. Its really small. I put in the wad u can convert it ur self. And the english, script, txt and dat.

And room 9 is the one always crashing (i have stacked rooms for a pit, and when she falls into the pit it crashes when it hits room 9) And the outside bit runs slow, sorry its only because there are a lot of objects.

God Horus
29-03-08, 19:47
Hmm... I went through your PRJ. It takes really, really long to spin the room, so many objects! I TREP'd your EXE, maybe it will work now...

29-03-08, 20:26
Thank you so much horus after u put trep on my exe it works! and the load bars look so cool now!