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30-03-08, 23:06
ok so i've seen all the (chinese/thai?) ones and i have to say ... i did like them ^_^. i felt so bad for the girl because she can see dead people and the mother trying to commit suicide while pregant. i liked the third one as well but i don't understand the ending. does anybody know what happened in the end? anyways, what do you guys think of the movie? i've yet to see the 2008 remake. i might see it later

oh sorry if i spoiled anybody with this.

30-03-08, 23:07
way to go, putting the spoiler alert AFTER the spoiler :vlol:

30-03-08, 23:16
my bad i'll fix it. but have you seen it yet?

30-03-08, 23:29
way to go, putting the spoiler alert AFTER the spoiler :vlol:

Especially that the Edit button does not exist, at least tonight :D

my bad i'll fix it. but have you seen it yet?

You can neither do that nor ask a mod to do it for you coz they also cannot edit posts :D

Back to topic: I haven't watched the old ones, I watched the one with Nicolette Sheridan (if it belongs within The Eye series) and the last one with Jessica Alba. I hated the first one (the DVD was also corrupt) and liked the second; was scary to some extent, it was a nice story, and the ending was very clear to me.

30-03-08, 23:51
I never saw any of these movies although I did saw an indian movie called Naina , which is a remake of the original japanese The Eye. It was SO crappy! :vlol: I want to watch the original movie but that's it. Remakes annoy me.

31-03-08, 07:41
I like the original and itīs sequel... the remake wasnīt bad at all but ending and Jessica Alba sucked as usual :).

31-03-08, 09:29
I really liked the eye and the eye 10 Infinity, but the remake was kinda meh..

31-03-08, 10:57
I've seen the original one but I don't know if I'll see the remake... Hollywood are awful for ruining them!

31-03-08, 12:50
I've seen the Chinese version, actually I've got it on DVD because I really like it. I didn't know there was an Indian version though. Was there dancing and singing? lol