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31-03-08, 09:47
I have only recently begun to understand how spotlights work. And in this particular case I'm completely stuck.

The room in question:

It's a small room (2x3 blocks and 4 clicks high).

The shown spotlight is the one that refuses to do what I want it to. My wish is to make a spot of sunlight on the floor falling from the round "window". Right now the bright spots on the floor are part of the floor texture.

And that's exactly what I can't figure how to do. When I move the spotlight around or change the angle it sometimes make the desired bright spot on the floor - but never where I want it.

I've been wondering if the tiny size of the room is the reason for my trouble. Maybe spotlights need space?

I've also noticed that light doesn't always work symmetrically. In another level I have a sloping corridor with lamps (and ordinary light bulbs) on either wall. And the light clearly doesn't spread the same way on either side of the corridor. Is there some rule about light bulbs of various kinds and world corners I don't know?

Help or suggestions are very appreciated.

31-03-08, 10:16
I know excactly what you mean. I have noticed aswell that a spotlight does not give a nice round circular light but more like an oval light covering more then 1 square.

Your room size is indeed the problem here I think. The spotlight cannot cast small bundle normally. So your solution for this: Use effect bulbs

If you drop the brightness of the effect bulb ( negative number ) it will start casting shadow. Place your spot like you want it so it gives a nice light on the floor. Do not mind it is oval. Now place effect bulbs in the corner of your rooms and start lowering the brightness to negative so it casts shadow. You will see that the stretched oval light of the spot becomes more rounder. Now all you have to do is play around with the brightness of the spot and darkness of the bulbs untill you think it is allright.

I tried it for you and I don't know if it is what you want:
http://img353.imageshack.us/img353/3314/effects1ot1.th.jpg (http://img353.imageshack.us/my.php?image=effects1ot1.jpg)http://img515.imageshack.us/img515/3282/effects2po3.th.jpg (http://img515.imageshack.us/my.php?image=effects2po3.jpg)

31-03-08, 11:01
Brilliant idea! I'll try that. Thank you! :hug:

31-03-08, 17:30
where you got those texture's from?

31-03-08, 20:35
where you got those texture's from?

probably from TR3 Gold; but the floor metal textures are mirrored so that the center forms a cross. that means the textures can't be tiled well

02-04-08, 16:03
I can answer that question quite precisely :D:

The floor texture is found in Red Alert in Tr5 (it's used in the area where Lara must do some target practise to avoid being poisoned).
The Centaur is right it's difficult to tile as it has that greenish edge you can see in the front of the picture. It was only made to fit a 2 blocks wide corridor in the game. I had to do quite some mirroring and turning in the editor to make the floor look right.

The wall texture is from Antarctica in TR3 - from the inside of the RX-tech ship.

The wall window is my speciality (combining object textures into room textures). It's from a door and its doorframes also used in the RX-tech ship in Antarctica in TR3.

I've done an extensive search in all the TR-games I'm the owner of to find exactly the textures I found appropriate.

The beds are slightly modified (I shortened them from 6 clicks height to 4 clicks height and made a single part invisible to avoid overlapping textures with the ceiling) version of the beds found in The Submarine from TR5.

Black Thorn
02-04-08, 18:43
That spot could not "cast" a light on the floor, but it would be better to keep it anyway, since it's light mesh will affect Lara and any other animated object, no matter what. It can add a nice effect near that window ;)

03-04-08, 14:29
Amazing how people hit the reply button before carefully reading the entire thread. Ohwell.

03-04-08, 14:43
you could try making a circular object that forms a tube that intersects the floor, texture it with any light beam texture you'd like, and you get a nice additional effect.

07-04-08, 16:39
I've decided to skip it and just use the bright spot in the floor texture. But I will keep your pieces of advice as I haven't made up my mind about what the room eventually will contain.

The room is for a flyby so Lara will never enter. And I believe the light cone will be too narrow to affect anything else in there. I'm trying to stay with realistic light and a tiny window as the one shown will only allow very little light.

Thank you all.