View Full Version : TREP or NG exe?

31-03-08, 12:13
Hey, I'm building something, and I want to know whats better in your opinion, to use trep or new engine?

I'm just in dilemma to separate one object into two, or to use trep and have it as one.

Just want to know, what do you prefer?

31-03-08, 12:18
TREP :jmp:

I don't like the new NGLE :mad:

31-03-08, 12:55
Give me a T!

Give me a R!

Give me a E!

Give me a P!

What does that spell?


31-03-08, 13:19
Use TREP but use the Old NGLE It still has usefull functions and allows you to import higher poly room geometry

31-03-08, 14:25

Okay you need to take into consideration on what you want to do. Tell me on msn because i have used both as you know and I have weighed up the advantages of both.:D

31-03-08, 14:28
At the moment TREP with the older NGLE is the best combination to use but TRNG is the future of level building TREP will go the same way as the dinosaurs, there is no doubt about that. The few of using and testing the new engine have so far only scratched the surface of whats possible to achieve by using it.

31-03-08, 14:36
TREP will go the same way as the dinosaurs.....

ONLY if Ensi Doesnt return to update it. I have no doubt that TRNG can match/merge the abilities of TREP, but I also know that Ensi is an excellent programmer patcher, I just hope he becomes a part of TRNG's development

31-03-08, 14:39
Yeah, looks like trep + ngle for now (thanks to Daniel :D)

But yeah, I'm afraid about future of trep, so for now I will focus on design, later on gameplay. I didn't know that ngtomb4.exe can also have objects with bigger limit of vertices so at least no need to care about it :D !

31-03-08, 14:54
Both hands for TREP!
NGLE is good, but TREP is just better for now.
Hopefully both will work together soon :D

31-03-08, 15:58
what are the differences?

31-03-08, 16:52
Well there's old NGLE and a new NGLE and ther's TREP.

Allows you many diffrent things to add to you'r tomb4.exe

old NGLE:

Can be combined with TREP and also has some new functions and his much better than TRLE.


Doesn't work with TREP because it has his own TR4.exe but has some other functions that TREP doesn't have! :confused: