View Full Version : What Gigs We Going To? [2008 Edition]

31-03-08, 13:12
Title says it all, what gigs are we going to or wanting to go to in 2008?

I'm going to see Elliot Minor a week today, c'mon 7th April! :jmp:

I'm going to see Avril Lavigne's The Best Damn Tour on May 27th. :)

Paramore on 28th May because it was cancelled on the 10th Feb, rescheduled to 28th Feb, but was cancelled again...and TicketMaster says it's happening in the 28th May...A day after Avril...that'll be a great week! :D

What about you guys? :wve:

31-03-08, 13:30
Haven't planned anything thus so far, but I did recently go to see "Editors", and the concert was awesome as I expected. :)

Soma Holiday
31-03-08, 13:53
I'm going to see Brian Regan this thursday...I wouldn't really call it a 'gig' cause he's a comedian, but for some reason all the bands I like tend to avoid my state. :(

Nevertheless, Brian Regan is the man!! :D

31-03-08, 14:09
Avril Lavigne, The Best Damn Tour :jmp: May 29th

I can't WAIT! :D

31-03-08, 14:25
I'm going to see Iron Maiden on 4th August in their tour "Somewhere Back in Time".:jmp: I just can't wait, I'm so happy just knowing I have my beloved ticket in sector A I've been through so much to buy (they initially announced they were sold out:p)

31-03-08, 14:41
So far I've got tickets to Editors next Wednesday, and 30 Seconds To Mars in May (a surprising return after their amazing show here, last February!!). I'm very excited about both :jmp:

31-03-08, 15:02
I went to see Nightwish on 5th March and it was AWESOME! :tmb:

31-03-08, 16:16
Avril Lavigne - The Best Damn Tour
June 4th
O2 Arena

Can't wait!!!

31-03-08, 16:28
Hopefully the Leeds festival if my friend gets the tickets :D

31-03-08, 16:42
Hopefully the Leeds festival if my friend gets the tickets :D

I wanted to go but I don't have enough money this year. :( Ahwell, theres next year. :D

Good luck in getting a ticket. :)

31-03-08, 16:47
Hmmm, Kylie in July.
Possibly Madonna in the autumn, and at a VERY long stretch,
possibly in may :)

31-03-08, 16:49
Saw Alicia Keys in February, gonna see Madonna later this year, and possibly Lenny Kravitz. :)

31-03-08, 16:50
Good luck in getting a ticket. :)
Thanks, I'll let you know how it goes :D

31-03-08, 16:52
Thanks, I'll let you know how it goes :D

Cool. :D

My brothers getting ready to get one. :D

31-03-08, 19:37
Cool. :D

My brothers getting ready to get one. :D
I got them :D How did your brother do?

31-03-08, 19:56
I'm going to see Mindless Self Indulgence on the 9th of April in Rotterdam :)

31-03-08, 20:03
Radiohead, in Manchester in June.

All year, and only one gig planned. I haven't been to one since December, it's awful :(
Worst year for gigs ever.

I suppose seeing Radiohead again will make up for it though :p

31-03-08, 20:23
I got them :D How did your brother do?

Awesome, yup my brother got one too. :D

31-03-08, 20:27
Einstürzende Neubauten in April and Nick Cave in June. A good year indeed :jmp: