View Full Version : Best way to create doors

01-04-08, 03:55
Hi - just wanted to gather opinions here. I have a room that is five segments high (5 x 4 clicks). A double doorway in one wall that is 2 segments high and a single door in another wall that is only 1 segment high.

When I create my door into the adjoining rooms, the segments above become one and I haven't been able to work out how to resegment them without the ceiling in the next room moving too.

Can it be done? I've read through the manuals and looked at various tutorials but haven't managed to find out what to do.

01-04-08, 07:45
When you create a door in the wall, it changes the entire wall to a hole, from floor to ceiling. What you are seeing is really the sector in the next room.
I have never tried this, but you might be able to go into the next room and split the ceiling of the sector that is next to the door. This should show through so you can texture it.