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01-04-08, 12:32
Hi Everyone,
Does anyone know where i can get the TR3 style medipacks? As they aren't on TR Search.

Thanks for any replies,


01-04-08, 12:35
Well, if you want them to open like in tr3 when you use it, it's not possible.

Those are similar: http://www.trsearch.org/Items/2627

01-04-08, 16:07
That reminds me.... can you not add new meshes to the medipack inventory objects and animate them?

01-04-08, 16:51
Some of GGCTUK's objects, wads and gunpacks have the TR3 medipacks in them, but I can't remember which. You'll have to do some exploration, I'm afraid. :p

GGCTUK's stuff. (http://www.trsearch.org/Media.php?action=authors&author=ggctuk2005)

01-04-08, 17:47
Its possible to add animations to inventory objects, but will probabally require a TREP/NGLE Patch to get them to trigger in the inventory.

Never say never... whoops said it twice