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02-04-08, 11:35
Many years ago i were in School and had a nice enough teacher, now 20 years later, that teacher is now our Painter and House fixer-upper.

Does any of you got this experience.

02-04-08, 13:03
I used to have a really nice music teacher in year 5 who was married to the head teacher. A couple of weeks back, (3 years later) I saw him working behind a till in Sainsburys, holding hands and hugging our old guitar teacher, who was a dude. It was quite sweet actually, seeing as though our old head teacher was a complete cow. :tea:

Dark Lugia 2
02-04-08, 15:17
My english teacher didnt come to any of our classes in the second half of the school year oce, and she was advertised in the metro as a stripper XD gotta love the metro =']

02-04-08, 15:25

well i used to have this english teacher in early classes. i heard later that she was fired and after many yrs, not so long ago i saw her in the market when i was buying vegetables from her ;)

02-04-08, 15:31
Never experienced that :p :vlol:

02-04-08, 15:36
these stories are funny
i havent had any of these expiriences YET. LOL

02-04-08, 15:43
Most of my old teachers are still in the job; the rest are either dead or retired.


I know that the physics teacher went crazy and we're convinced that Madame Andrews (Sasquatch) was a raving alcholic.


02-04-08, 15:44
I'm in year 11 but my teacher for when I was in year 3 now serves at Tesco's because she got fired for taking too many days off.

02-04-08, 15:45
In the first year of Primary, we had a student teacher working with our class who my mum knew. And she hired her as my BABYSITTER!!!

02-04-08, 16:44
Most of my old teachers were/are mental, so no.

02-04-08, 17:05
I had a very young teacher in first four classes. She's now one magician's assistant.