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30-08-03, 12:09
That is just awful.

30-08-03, 13:09
A while back there was something on the news that an autistic man commited suicide because of something on everquest.. They think that because he was dead by his computer and the game was running. :(

30-08-03, 16:21
MMmmm. Easy to blame the game. Would it not be more apt to blame those playing the game and have them take responsibility for their own actions?

30-08-03, 16:36
Oh my...

30-08-03, 16:41
Humans....never learn.

John Falstaff
30-08-03, 16:45

Yes child neglect is awful. However, I agree with Tippucat. People, and especially the tabloid press, often like blaming the game, the film, rolemodels or whatever. But the real issue is about people taking reponsability for their own actions.

I afraid the type of arguement that 'I shot the policeman because I saw it in TR or GTA' cuts very little ice with me. Millions of others also saw the film, the game, or whatever, but didn't go off the deep end, neglect their children etc:.

Also this kind of behaviour long pre-dates video-games etc: and I'm afraid will probably be around long after they've become a thing of the past. :(

30-08-03, 17:04
Originally posted by HellRaven:
Humans....never learn.Says the person with yet another new account after being banned... :rolleyes:

30-08-03, 17:09
A mistake that needs corrections,and corrections has been made.

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Originally posted by Draco:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by HellRaven:
Humans....never learn.Says the person with yet another new account after being banned... :rolleyes: </font>[/QUOTE]Wouldn't want to miss a chance participating in a famous forum like this,draco.Besides,I was ashamed of myself,and yet humilated by my own act.I wanna become a much more better user of this page.Permission please....

and that DEVIL user is not me,actually,same pc just a different user.This is my 2nd account,and i wanna use this for good not for bad.

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Ok, let's all go back to the topic. Thanks.

30-08-03, 18:08
OMG! I can't believe some people died because of games... that's awful :(

30-08-03, 19:04
Originally posted by Pinguicha:
OMG! I can't believe some people died because of games... that's awful :( And its controversial...

Wrestling games have also been blamed similar to the TV shows for the acts of children...

The problem in my opinion is that children and apparently adults lack the self control to rise above the games and live...

30-08-03, 19:04
John summed it up people don't take resposibity for they actions they feel the need to blame someone else.

Now who shall i sue because I cut myself with a saw when cutting word. The saw manufactor or the wood supplier, it was definitly not my fault

John Falstaff
30-08-03, 19:13
Maybe your woodwork teacher?


Where does the buck stop?

30-08-03, 19:18
Thank you John but I've decide it was Adam and Eve's Fault they started it all

30-08-03, 19:19
...told police they were imitating Grand Theft Auto...I belive that wasen't what the two boys said because I read somewhere else that they told the police they just did it because they were bored out of their minds. So again the media is just trying to blame something on a video game, when the video game has done nothing but entertain.

31-08-03, 02:05
I can't believe a "mother" managed to forget her child! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/yuck.gif And those boys... Where to begin...??

Just the other day we had a psycho (aged 33) here in sweden that attacked two elderly women (74/76) with a samurai-sword!! And earlier this year we had a total nut-job racing around the city killing some twenty people with his car! He said that a man in a dark suit had control over his vehicle via a remote!!

Where is this world going to end up??? :(