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Lara Coft Baby
03-04-08, 00:32
Can some one please take some time out of their day or out of making their own project. To make me a new outfit for my game. Please, I would really like this outfit made for my upcoming game. I have searched all over TRLE search engine. And found nothing that is similar in any way. Some of the outfits are good yes. But I just don't want to use any of them for this game. :p The game isn't actually going to be Lara Croft. Its going to feature a vampire hunter named Blair Cross. :jmp: And None of the outfits I found look like the way I would like Blair to look. :p Anyways if some one could please make it here is the info for it.

I want her too look like Legend or Anniversary Lara. With a braid, waist length, and some bangs maybe.

A leather jacket unbuttoned, a short shirt kind of like the one in AOD. But maybe a tad short but not too much. Only a bit shorter and a bit more low cut. Or some thing like that.

Leather pants or just dark blue jeans either one, and black boots. oh yeah and leather fingerless gloves. And dark sunglasses like the ones from AOD.

Can any one make this for me? PLEASE!! :jmp: Oh yeah take as much time as you need to make it. I'm in no rush.