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03-04-08, 14:52
Jiskairumoko necklace

A team of scientists led by an archaeologist from The University of Arizona has unearthed what is, to date, the oldest collection gold artifacts found in the Americas.

Mark Aldenderfer, a professor of anthropology at the UA, and his team excavated a site in the Peruvian Andes of South America, near Lake Titicaca.

Dates for the Archaic period, when Jiskairumoko was inhabited by these people, are as early as 5,400 years ago and ending about 4,000 years ago.

The site Aldenderfer and the others excavated included a burial that contained a necklace made of turquoise and native gold that had been hammered into shape, and may have belonged to someone with an elevated rank in the community.

Carbon-14 dates for Jiskairumoko range from 2155 to 1936 B.C., making the necklace about 4,000 years old.


03-04-08, 14:55
Interesting buts thats some bloody ugly bling.

03-04-08, 15:01
It looks very nice, I like the story behind it.

03-04-08, 15:09
Wow Salim...that necklace looks really nice...I wonder how they made it last time without modern machinery :tmb: ;)

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Please provide a link to the page where this story is quoted from. Thanks.

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^ Done. Thanks

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Unbelievable. I love history.

Thankyou very much for sharing.

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^ Done. Thanks:tmb:

I actually read this story on BBC yesterday. It is always remarkable to find such old artefacts.

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Looks like a new place for Lara to pillage and plunder from :D

but yeah, awesome story, thanks for posting!

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Lara would like it... :)

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Lara would like it... :)

Exactly what I was thinking :p

Thanks Salim :)