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03-04-08, 17:43
Hi guys, how can i create the light blue beam on TR4 Temple Of Horus so that lara can travel through it? Also where can i find the sound and the wad to do it, please help! much appreciated to the person who does! ;)

03-04-08, 17:51
I think it's a blue texture with uvrotate (not sure about this) applied in the script. As for the sound, it's 356, LIGHT BEAM JOBY, filename l_beam :)

03-04-08, 18:12
thanks, but i am still confused with the script....:(

03-04-08, 19:45
I'm remaking the Horus lvl,

To make this blue thing you need to make 1 square room after make rooms around it :jmp:
see this screenshot:

http://img174.imageshack.us/img174/2730/trtimzr1.jpg (http://imageshack.us)



The script

Add this line for your lvl:

UVRotate= 8

(copy and paste it it the script, after compile it)

To work you need to assign the UVrotate for 1 texture tile :D

jeffrey van oort
03-04-08, 20:23
What does the uv rotate do?

03-04-08, 21:20
make "waterfalls" out if your regular ingame textures

03-04-08, 21:29
how do i assign it then?

jeffrey van oort
03-04-08, 21:30
make "waterfalls" out if your regular ingame textures

I understand now. Thank you. I test this myself. Thanks.