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Melonie Tomb Raider
04-04-08, 03:58
Hey guys. Just wanted to make a shoutout for some prayer around here. We've been under a tornado warning for the past hour or so, and it hasn't been good. Hit the red zone for a while, a tornado was spotted about a mile away from my house. It's passed, but there's a lot more activity that is coming this way shortly, I'm hoping it will die down some before it hits though, it's pretty rough.

If you go to weather.com and look at central Arkansas, you'll get an idea of what's going on.

Just thought I'd let y'all know, I'd appreciate your prayers. Thanks! :D :hug:

04-04-08, 04:01
Stay safe Mel :hug:

Camera Obscura
04-04-08, 04:03
I'll pray for yous and your loved ones. I've never seen a tornado but it must sound scary. :hug:

Melonie Tomb Raider
04-04-08, 04:14
Thanks, guys. :hug:

I've made a little map thing here with mapquest showing how close the tornado was. I'm at point A, and the tornado was spotted starting from the point B to the left, and later at the point B to the right. It just grazed us.


We've still got another big warning coming up, so I better get back in the bathroom with my family. LOL! :vlol:

We're fine now though, the sirens haven't went off for a while. I'll be back to give you an update soon. :D

04-04-08, 04:15
I'm extremly lucky to live where I do as we really don't get super severe weather. Sometimes we will get tornado watches but nothing ever comes of them.(There have been a record of 2 F1 Tornados in our towns history).

I can't imagine how scary it would be to have one hit, do you get them often where you live?
I'll pray for you and your loved ones MelonieTombRaider:hug:

Melonie Tomb Raider
04-04-08, 04:20
We get them worse than anywhere in the world... that's all. :vlol:

No, not really. Oklahoma gets them the worst, but we're not far behind. I had one go right over my house once. I could hear it and everything, but thank goodness it went over top of us, otherwise we would have been directly hit. It was HUGE! That's been years ago. I've only been in Arkansas for a little over two years recently, but I've lived here before for a year when I was about 12 or 13. That's when the tornado went above us.

It can be scary, but it depends really. My brothers and I tend to not let it scare us, while our mom and aunt freak out. But once you actually hear it right above your house... that's when it scares us all. :p

Thanks everyone. :hug:

Edit: Ok, tornado is gone, just thunderstorms now. Thanks for the support everyone! WOOP! :jmp:

04-04-08, 04:22
Do you have a basement or anywhere safe to go if one would hit?

04-04-08, 04:24
I'm praying for you and all your family.:):hug:

I can only imagine how scary it must be, the closest we've come in my town to a disaster is a Tsunami where we actually had to leave our house and go to higher ground.


04-04-08, 04:25
Oh wow, stay safe! Tornado warnings arent any fun, especially when the buggers start touching down. And your town will be in my prayers, hope the warning is lifted with no damage done...

Melonie Tomb Raider
04-04-08, 04:29
For those of you who missed my edit"

Ok, tornado is gone, just thunderstorms now. Thanks for the support everyone! WOOP! :jmp:

Everything is good. :D Thanks so much, I feel well cared for. :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

04-04-08, 05:23
I have afraid of those things
Be safe

Melonie Tomb Raider
04-04-08, 15:21
Wow. O.o

I had to take a different way to work today. Right beside my house they had to close the roads because the tornado plowed through. Apparently it skipped right over my house. My dad was at church, and it skipped right over the church as well (Dad heard it right over him) and went back down not far afterward. If it would have stayed on the ground it wouldn't have been so good. :S

Can't help but get a huge thrill out of it though! :D

Apparently someone around the area was sleeping, and he heard a loud noise that sounded like a train. He knew it was a tornado, and he immediately jumped under his bed. After the noise went away, he poked his head out from under the bed and saw that his entire house was taken away, the only thing standing was his bed that he was hiding under. Is that amazing or what?! :eek:

04-04-08, 15:23
Ah, bad memories. Glad it went well! :tmb:

Mad Tony
04-04-08, 15:30
I'll pray for you Mel :hug: Be safe :)

04-04-08, 15:31
Oh dear Mel. I hope everything goes well! Stay safe :hug: :hug: