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04-04-08, 20:22
Hi everyone,
I know how to make changes to TREP and DracoMerger, which i have done. i have ticked the boxes that i want in dracomerger and changed things like how many bullets in each uzi ammo pickup, etc, etc, but how do you apply this to your level. i've read the TREP homepage and what it does and how you work it, but it doesn't explain how you make this apply to your level. i really need this because i want to add kills to statistics and hits and climeable pushable blocks, etc, so any help is greatly appreciated!;)

Thanks for any replies,


04-04-08, 21:31
Try clicking the Modify button (I think it's modify - it might be Modify .tr4 or something. Will check). Your .tr4 file will vanish from the file. DON'T PANIC!!! This is normal - just refresh the page, or click back then forward and it'll reappear.

05-04-08, 09:31
Thank you Inkheart. I'll check for a modify or any other button there, but on DracoMerger, my one only has load and save and a few other buttons and on the homepage, it shows a proceed button. Where's that?:confused:

05-04-08, 11:56
In Draco window it may say "apply changes" or "proceed" or just "OK" and then in trep main window I highly recommend to save your changes to trep preset, and then "modify".

The tomb4.exe will be changed according to what you set. Changes will be in the game when you play it with your modified tomb4.exe. The changes are not so much in the level, but in how the game engine interpretes your level.

Whenever you want to change something again - let's say after playing the treped level you decide "I need even less / more bullets per ammo-pickup" :
- use a fresh unpatched tomb4.exe
- load your preset
- now change whatever you want and "modify" again.

12-04-08, 17:52
How can I get another unpatched Tomb4.exe? Do I copy the original one?

13-04-08, 10:20
You can copy the original one, but it is best to use the XP patched version.
It can be downloaded fromt he TREP homepage I think. ;)

13-04-08, 14:11
Ok- but when I open up, let's say dracomerger, and then add Kills to Statistics, and hits, there is a save button, and "Load DEST" on one side and "LOAD SRC" on the other side. Then there are these weird symbols. What do I save the dest one as, and how does this apply to the fresh Tomb4.exe? I don't really understand how TREP and DRACOMERGER work. But I want do understand it because I really need to make my level a bit better by using these.

13-04-08, 14:24
Dracomerger can only be used to add your own patches to TREP, as far as I know. But I've never used it so I'm not quite sure.

If you only want to patch your tomb4.exe with the existing patches in TREP, you don't need Dracomerger.

So what exactly are you trying to do?

13-04-08, 14:28
Well, I want to add kills and hits to statistics, to start, just to get used to using TREP.

13-04-08, 14:41
- Open TREP.
- Click the custom patches button.
- Then tick those options in the list.
- Once done, click proceed.

Most patches need some extra features to work properly, so make sure you read the explanation text of the patches you add. It tells you which other features it needs.
Those kills and hits statistics also need the extended tomb4.exe patch, so you have to also tick that in the main TREP window. ;)

Once everything is ticked properly, you can save your settings in a preset and then you can click the modify button to apply the patches to your tomb4.exe. ;)

13-04-08, 14:51
The Patches for my TREP open in Wordpad and there is nothing to tick!!!!

Is there a different Patches Icon that opens in something different? Or have I got a different TREP to you!!!