View Full Version : Charlton Heston Passes away at age 84

06-04-08, 05:21
Charlton Heston, who won a best actor Oscar for his starring role in the epic Ben Hur has died, aged 84, a spokesman for the star's family has said.
Heston died on Saturday at his home in Beverly Hills with his wife Lydia, whom he married in 1944, at his side.
Heston also portrayed Michelangelo, El Cid and other heroic figures in movie epics of the 1950s and 1960s.
He stepped down as president of US gun lobby, the National Rifle Association (NRA), in 2003, citing ill-health.
The previous year, he had revealed he had symptoms consistent with Alzheimer's disease.

Full article found here (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/7332960.stm).

06-04-08, 05:27
*salutes Heston*

06-04-08, 05:31
Rest in peace. Another jewel has passed :(

06-04-08, 07:13
Rest in peace:(

06-04-08, 09:52
we lost another legend. Rest in peace

06-04-08, 09:56
In best Edward G Robinson voice: "Where's your Moses nooooooow?"

RIP Charlton. You left a fine legacy of films. RIP.

06-04-08, 10:35
Wow, that's pretty sudden.

Great actor. amazing movies. RIP, Heston.

06-04-08, 11:15
Rest in peace Mr Heston. Your memory will always live on throughout the amazing movies you did.

06-04-08, 11:26
Rest in peace...:(

06-04-08, 11:54

06-04-08, 12:51
Rest in peace:(

Eddie Haskell
06-04-08, 13:01
Made some of my all-time favorites films like The Omega Man, The Ten Commandments, Planet of the Apes and Ben Hur, but I will remember him more for something else. Walking away from his interview with Michael Moore in his own home in the movie Bowling For Columbine.

He will be missed.

06-04-08, 14:10
That's a damn shame, he's one of the finest actors ever in the last century. I especially remember classics such as Ben Hur and El Cid. In a way, it's a part of history gone. RIP

06-04-08, 15:36
What a shame. R.I.P!

06-04-08, 15:38
One of my favorites, see you later Charlton.

06-04-08, 16:03
I think he was a wonderful actor. R.I.P.

tlr online
06-04-08, 18:11
Very sad news indeed. He was a Legend. :(


06-04-08, 18:22
Pretty sudden. I quite liked The Ten Commandments movie...

06-04-08, 19:03
Compared to what you see in Hollywood today, Charlton Heston was a class act to the end. RIP.