View Full Version : Enemy Gun Sound Problem

06-04-08, 14:27
Hi everyone,
When my researcher sas shoots at me, his gun sounds are blurred in watery sounds- they sound really weird!!!:confused:

Does anyone know how I fix this?

Thanks for any replies,


06-04-08, 14:41
It's the same sound as the UW door,if you have one remove it. If you not have one or if it doesn't work in the sound .txt remove the sound
UNDERWATER_DOOR :UW_door vol 50 P pit -50 #h #j #q#.

Remove the letter of your level in the sound.txt,use pcwadsfx making a new .sam and .sfx for your level,move them into your Wad folder and convert your

06-04-08, 17:13
Or replace the original uw_door.wav with a silent sample. ;)
(If you are not using it for any other object...)