View Full Version : Is there any TR2/3 Lara sounds available?

06-04-08, 18:56
I've searched but I couldn't find any. :) I know there's TR5 and TR1 sounds available but I really, really want TR2/3 sounds. Anyone know if I can get these sounds somewhere?

06-04-08, 20:50
I know there is TR3 Audio on Skribblerz but i cannot put a link as an incident has gone on over TRF and Skribblerz or so it seems, my best guess is to use soundjack and get the sounds from the TR3 Lost artifact demo. You would have to figure the Pit numbers out yourself though, or ask for help here!

Hope i could help, TombRaiderTim :D

06-04-08, 21:28
I believe the ones you are talking about TRtim are not Lara sounds, they are music. I have some TRIII sounds somewhere....I'll look and see if I have any, and if they're usable I'll upload them for you.