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06-04-08, 19:14
So, on Friday I was in the school production of the play Our Town. We had already had our first performance on Thursday and this one was going to be filmed. Right before showtime we had our prayer and the boy who was playing Mr. Webb said MacBeth. For those of who not in the know if you say the word MacBeth backstage or in a theater you will have terrible luck. It's happened in our past two plays, The Man Who Came to Dinner and Ten Little Indians. In The man who came to dinner one of our main actors quit and his replacement got food poisoning the week of the premiere. In Ten Little Indians, somebody messed up their line and we lost HALF OF THE PLAY as a result. The two hour play was cut down to one hour. And the soundboard fell over and one of the actors broke his foot right after he said it.

Anyway, this time the weather got really bad and the stage lights were flickering on and off, half of the people who were coming couldn't because of the storm. The sound cues were messing up and we were just really stressed out. We got through it ok and did the meet and greet after. The entire cast and crew decided we were going to IHOP to celebrate.

I get out to the parking lot and discover that I left my lights on and my car was dead. Luckily my teacher was still there along with the four people who were driving with her and one of their dads was able to come and give me a jump. We managed to make it to IHOP, and I was still in costume mind you, and nearly slipped in the bathroom and broke my neck. Me, my friend who was spending the night with me, and a girl I didn't know very well but lives near me left IHOP at about midnight.

We were laughing and having fun and I miss the turn onto her road. Then I say the magic words: It's ok, I'll 3-Point turn this b****. Then the car died. We were half on the road half off the road and freaking out. By this point its about 12:45. We all get out of the car cause a semi might come barreling around the corner and kill us so we are standing in the mud outside of a lumber yard trying to get ahold of the girl that lives close by's parents. Then a car comes down the road, we are like oh crap. It's some crazy guy who's going to kill us and we can't get in the car and lock the door b/c it's still on the road. He passes us by, luckily, and another car comes along and it's a cop car. The cop gets out and I swear to god he must have been 70 years old. It's the oldest cop in the world. After being really rude to us the girl gets a hold of her mom and she's coming to get us. We're still about fifteen minutes from her house and after ten minutes the police man says "I can't stay here all night with three teenage girls, I've got work to do! Is somebodies parents coming or not! " Then he starts chain smoking and her mom finally gets there.

He won't let her jump my car and yells at us to put it in neutral and he'll push it to the side. I get in, put it in neutral, and he yells at me to put it in neutral. I said it is in neutral and he yells at me again to put it in neutral and I lean out the door and say, louder in case he didn't hear me the first time, that I did put it in neutral. Then I guess I waited to long to get back in the car to steer it because he yells at me again to get in and steer it. We rode home with the girls mom but that was probably the scariest experience of my life. I just couldn't believe how rude the cop was. It's not like I purposefully got stranded just to ruin his night.

Looking back it's more funny than scary, but still, this story just had to be told. Anyone else have any similar experiences?

06-04-08, 19:21
I don't believe in superstitions. MACBETH!!!

06-04-08, 19:23
Oops. I totally spelled Macbeth wrong for an entire post. My bad.

06-04-08, 20:49
No such thing as bad luck my friend:p