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God Horus
07-04-08, 00:23
So, I am helping Christi with Greek Rage.

First she sent me the PRJ. I put that in my root TRLE folder. Then she sent me the wad, and I put that in my graphics, wad folder. But, the problem is, in the editor, I load up the wad, but none of the items she has placed show up!

I have the wad, the PRJ, but the items do not show up in the editor! What is wrong?

07-04-08, 00:30
You Load The PRJ & WAD & Texture in the editor?

Are the items placed properly in the editor?

You output the wad ( to a TOM with the same name as the wads?)

if the items or objects dont show up in the editor , its the wrong wad or prj

God Horus
07-04-08, 00:32
I have asked Christi to send me the entire graphics/wads folder, as she only sent me 2 files, and there's more I think...

07-04-08, 00:39
yes more than 2 :whi: