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04-08-03, 01:45
out of all the TR games, who has been the bad guy that you loved to hate?

for me i'd have to say Seth from TLR-iv'e always liked the egypian gods

04-08-03, 01:54
Hmm yes Seth was cool (Anubis is far better ;) )

My favorite enemie was the Atlantean mutant ofcourse! Not as tuff and semi-impossible as the TR3 spider, and fun to waste 2000 uzi ammo on!! :D

04-08-03, 02:00
http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif Good evening Genocide and Justin

The three-headed dragon in the Chronicles was difficult to destroy. I found that one to be one of the most frustrating, especially if you became ignited by the flames.

04-08-03, 02:07
My favorite one to hate had to be Sophia Leigh......

But my favorite one to face had to be the 6-armed statues in TR3. The name escapes me right now on what they're actually called.

St. Anger
04-08-03, 04:16
I think I agree with justin on this one but i'm not too sure - I really liked that big monster thing at the end of TR1 before Natla - it took forever to waste.

and the amount of times I fell!!
it turns my stomach just thinking of it.

04-08-03, 13:08
Werner Von Croy :mad: I wouldn't mind slapping him!!!!

As for an end boss, Willard!!!!!!!!!! Took me ages to complete TR3 because of this thing :(

04-08-03, 13:14
Metal Knight on a horse in TRLR! (I just love to kill it with pistols!)

04-08-03, 13:34
The first time I did the Meteor Cavern, Willard didn't die when I shot him after I got all the artefacts, and I thought I was screwed, as he was supposed to die then. So I wandered around for days trying to work out how to escape without him killing me.
Then I shot him again and he died. Bit of an odd bug, that one.

Favourite normal in-level enemy: the mummies in Last Revelation. Can't kill them, but it's fun avoiding them.

Favourite big semi-boss type thing: the three headed dragon in Chronicles is much fun.

Favourite end of game boss is definitely the thing in TR1. Hated it at first, but love fighting it now. Well, I would if TR1 worked on this computer...

04-08-03, 18:53
My favourite bosses were Willard the spider because the first time I fought him was when I was on my own at night, and I got a fright every time he killed me or leapt up and chased me the other way, and Sophia Lee because she was such a b*tch. Also the cyborgs from Chronicles. They were cool.
Normal creatures: The mutants in RX Tech Mines because they were scary, the monkeys because they gnawed at Lara's shins and knees, and the Changelings from Chronicles because they were also really freaky, specially when faced with at night on your own. :eek:

04-08-03, 19:19
The Gate Guardians in TRC was the hardest but the best. I also liked the jackals. I dont know why but they really scared me. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/yikes.gif

04-08-03, 20:40
The spider-boss from TR3 was hard the first few times, but once I figured out some sort of startegy on my own, it is very easy to kill him!!

The floating statue head in TR:Chronicles scared me!! I kept getting killed and was having a hardtime aiming at his eyes!!

04-08-03, 20:53
The baddy that left me the most impressive memory was Bartoli when he turned into a dragon at the end of TR2. He was much easier to defeat than Willard, but that huge dragon was really something to behold.