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07-04-08, 19:09
The enemy meshes move together without all these "holes" i mean...
I want to make a enemy based on Lara's meshes on the baddy_1 slot, I've changed all the meshes but there are still some sort of holes between them...well not holes but I dont know how to call them...Like Horus-Goddess
"Demoness" enemy.

07-04-08, 19:11
you cant.

Enemies do not have skin joints.

07-04-08, 19:25
Get or rip a tomb raider III Lara. This lara has no joints like in TR4. You can use those meshes as they are solid :)

08-04-08, 04:27
GASP! Like I didnt knew I have to use Lara soild meshes, I want to...oh you wont understand me anyway...

http://img246.imageshack.us/img246/9226/58389043ts7.png (http://imageshack.us)

This into baddy_1 to work perfectly, to look smootch and such.

@stranger I know I cant have Lara with joint meshes. :(

08-04-08, 07:05
Lara meshes have those gaps, but they are covered by the joints.
Since enemies don't have joints, you need to get a version of Lara without joints, as already pointed out, or you need to edit the enemy meshes so they join correctly.
There is no quick fix for this.

08-04-08, 10:03
But its a jointless model! yea thats what i meant.
how to make them join correctly?

08-04-08, 10:40
You will need to move the meshes up and down in metasequoia to make them join together (apparently the animation editor lets you move meshes in "no animation" mode but I find this difficult to do).

If the meshes are connecting at an odd spot (ex. shoulders and head too high) use the "move center" option on the parent mesh of these connections, so you can raise or lower where the meshes branch off.

08-04-08, 10:49
OMFG thanks! I totally forget that option! No I can finally finish my Ada baddy! !

08-04-08, 13:58
Those boots look familiar. :D