View Full Version : Problem with TR3 waterfall texture...

Zelda master
08-04-08, 13:56
I textures a small room and rounded the room a bit and added a waterfall texture on the wall, however what i notice is that one of the two textures does and the other one doesn´t animate... Sometimes its the left, sometimes the right, but never both at the same time... Heres a screen:


Anyone knows if this is posseble to fix...

08-04-08, 18:11
There is no hard fix like a updated editor. I had the same issue in my Sanus3 level where I used TR3 Madubu Gorge rapids textures. Somehow TR4 engine does not animate certain triangles on floors, walls or ceilings. It depends on the direction of the triangle.

The only way to solve it is to fool around with the green triangle selection in your textures set, then applying the texture untill it animates. If it animates you can now try to rotate the texture to make it look good. I don't know why this happens but it is hell of annoying and it doesn't always gives the desired effect.

Hope that helps out.