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08-04-08, 18:46
Hi, I have frogs that live under the pavement in my garden and I noticed one of them laid a mound of spawn on the flower bed. I don't know much about the biology of it but I realize that tadpoles cannot live on dry land so I was wondering whether it would be wise of me to shift them to a pond or something. I have no idea why it would want to lay them there :S. I briefly looked around the web for some guidance but had no luck.

Any suggestions? :confused:

08-04-08, 18:50
Hallo Anthony, long time no speak/see, nice to see you around :pi::p. You could try to move it in to a pond of a jar of water or something - but if you put it in a jar make sure to cover it otherwise birds will get them.

08-04-08, 19:20
Frogs are anphibions! That means, you must have a water source near your garden creating a pool for them to feed, breed, and so forth... you should get rid of that source for a while. I'm not a professional so don't take my advie if it is to stressful.:)
<I just know alot about anphibions and REPTILES!

09-04-08, 03:22
Yep they need water to survive. Use something soft to shift the spawn into a bowl of water, then place them in a pond or something, don't place them in turbulent waters ;)

09-04-08, 04:07
certain tree frogs lay eggs on land, but I don't think you have that species in your garden?

09-04-08, 04:37
I wouldn't mess with them. Chances are the frog laid them there for a reason. It's not usually good to mess around with nature.

09-04-08, 05:12

09-04-08, 05:26
This is sooooo strange. I doubt that I could resist the temptation to cook them if I had frogs in my pond. (i don't have a pond luckily for the frogs:ton:)

And yes as much as I love nature, food comes firsthand to me