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08-04-08, 19:46
Simple thread really, I'm sure there are countless people like myself who hear a funky song and you don't know the title. Hear are the songs I'm after...

British cinema goers will know that when your at the Odeon an advert is played to promote the Odeon brand, the song accompanying the advert is what I'm after. Goes something like...
'Buck-a-loo baby, I made it big because I gave life all I can be...'

I'm also after the song accompanying the advert where the city changes as the guy is driving around this car. Buildings move apart to create space around his car and stairs create themselves as the cars driving along.

I hope you find your untitled songs, as do I :D

08-04-08, 19:49
YES! :( A song from hillarious Alien fake trailer from youtube. I have asked a guy who made it - NO ANSWER and then someone (XXth century sods maybe) have deleted it! The end.

08-04-08, 22:34
The song at the end of Ocean's Eleven!! Were they are standing at the fountain!!!!! I LOOVE THAT SONG AND I NEED IT! Who knows what it is?

08-04-08, 23:13
omg I was just about to ask for that one! someone please post the name!

29-05-08, 19:27
Does no one feel like helping?

29-05-08, 19:31
Sorry, tried to look it up on google and lyrics and stuff. But I can't find it.:(

29-05-08, 19:31
There are so many songs that I really like that I don't know the name of. When listerning to the radio that is a classic example I hear a song I really like then I miss what the title of the song is called. I also have annoying habit where I remember songs that I hate.

Nenya awakens
29-05-08, 20:08
theres a song im triying to find by

Dj Tiesto

Suburban train

But its the VOCAL version, the only version i can find ANYWHERE is the non vocal one..

anyone no what im jabbering about??