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09-04-08, 19:16
Hi was just looking at some of these brilliant levels that you talented people have made and thought, maybe i could try and have a go of making a level, but i'm not sure where to begin, do i download the level editor[lite version] or the level editor [full version] bearing in mind this is my very first try of theis level editor stuff, can anybody help me out please i would be very grateful, thank you!!

09-04-08, 19:18

Google is your friend

'download trle'

Just get the full version and gawd help you if you dont read that manual ! :)
Welcome to the world of tommorow, ...yesterday

09-04-08, 19:20
remember to read the manual ;) :D

EDIT: aw, reecemix beat me! :p

09-04-08, 19:25
thank you for your help wish me luck!!

09-04-08, 19:35
thank you for your help wish me luck!!

lol I hope you take your signature seriously , although TRLE wont kill you it may at times try to turn your brain into a pile of mush and rendering you into an emotional wrek ..

Good Luck young Padawan

09-04-08, 19:41
Just downloading it now, its taking a while though its40% there now lol!

10-04-08, 07:28
Just to add extra emphasis


incase it wasn't clear enough :)

10-04-08, 12:05
What we really mean is the Tutorial in the manual you dont have to read the whole manual in 1 go, the tutorial covers all the very basic level building skills and avoids new forum members posting new threads like
'Heeelllp how do i connect rooms !!'

Also many questions have been asked multiple times and the search function on this forum is very useful ( 60 seconds between searches ? gah!)

10-04-08, 12:21
yes the manual is your friend, i didn't learn how to make water until 2 years later, or even make rooms!! nothing but walls!! yes that is sad. horizons are another thing... and triangles, 5 textures walls!! lets just say read the manual;)

10-04-08, 15:36
Thanks everyone, i am trying to build 1 room now my god its not easy is it lol but i'm sure i'll figure it out eventually, there is a lot of information to take in.