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10-04-08, 19:02
Hello, was just wondering why it is that when i download tomb raider levels with the level containing the tomb4.exe file it sometimes works for some levels and some levels it doesn't could someone tell me why please, is it that i am doing something wrong?

10-04-08, 19:33
The tomb4.exe delivered with the levels are mostly TREP'ed exe ( Tomb Raider Engine patcher ). These are modified Tomb4.exe which enable certain effects and other things.

Adviced is to use the tomb4.exe with the level which it came with. Do not mix up the exes while trying to play other levels. Levels without an exe file can be played with the plain standard tomb4.exe

edit: If you mean that the tomb4.exe does not work ( those who are delivered with the level ) then check if you are actually putting all files in the correct folder. Some levels come along with script2.dat and strings2.dat for example which must be in the same directory as the special exe.

10-04-08, 19:38
thanks, yep i was being dumb just worked it out thank you for your help.

10-04-08, 19:41
Good to hear that XD I also mess up the files sometimes. Sometimes I wonder if I need glasses.