View Full Version : Font Help Needed!

11-04-08, 14:15
Hi everyone,
I want to change my font to TR1 style, but when i press the patch button it doesn't work. Can anyone solve this problem?:hea:

Please reply- any replies greatly appreciated,


11-04-08, 14:35
Did you remember to re-output your level and put FONT.PC in your graphics/wad folder?

11-04-08, 14:45
Yes, I did- the problem was that when I loaded my font and pressed the patch button, it came up with some error message that it can't patch it.

12-04-08, 18:23
And anyway, when I do copy it to the graphics/wads folder and then output it, the text in the levels are really weird- they are symbols and letters in the wrong place!!

13-04-08, 10:26
You have to convert every wad into tr4 again for the new letters to become properly visible. ;)