View Full Version : Problem with "Titan Express" Custom Level

11-04-08, 21:37
I was playing Daniel Tooke's custom level "Titan Express" (you can download it here (http://laraslevelbase.org/download.asp?id=1019)) and I can't find a way to get past the first carriage. Here's an over-the-top video illustrating my problem...


I know the answer is going to be really obvious, but but any help would be appreciated! :) I'm not sure if this is quite the right forum, either - could a moderator please move it if need be? :S

11-04-08, 21:43

This forum really could use a Custom Level Discussion forum

11-04-08, 21:54
Excellent video ! Really good one. :jmp:

I was thinking about what rather little level to raid now before going to bed, and this video convinced me to try Titan Express. :D

11-04-08, 22:14
:confused: You already gave the answer in your video :confused:
It is a simple running jump, maybe a slightly curved runup is needed.

11-04-08, 22:23
I think you can grab onto the surface next to the door. I might be wrong though...
Here's a quick tutorial I made. It might not be right though.


11-04-08, 22:58
Nope, that is just the opened door, they slide to the side.

:jmp: cool show when finally using the lasersight + revolver. :jmp: That's what I call blowing things up ! My computer almost wanted to give up, though - it feels really old now. :D

12-04-08, 17:33
Thanks for your help, everyone! It was just me not being able to jump... :cln: I made it, though!