View Full Version : STRPix Problem - "lag" ?

Lara's Backpack
12-04-08, 00:12

Well Im having trouble with STRPix on my computer, its vista - if that means anything. Anyway the problem is, whenever I go to texture something in Strpix it takes ages for it to apply the texture. (With my latest object I have to sit and wait in excess of 10 seconds for anything to happen after I click!!)

Its driving me quite literally up the wall!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Black Thorn
12-04-08, 09:31
It's kinda fun how everyone mention Vista when it comes to a problem... :p
I don't think Vista is the problem, since I have Vista on my Laptop too, and STRPix works fairly well. Maybe it have something to do with the number of your object faces, how many vertex does it have?

12-04-08, 09:56
As for the number of vertices on an object...
I recently textured an object which had nearly 900 vertices and an equal amount of faces but I didn't experience a lag. ;)

A lag usually indicates a slow computer, but I can't believe that a computer with Vista on it is too slow to handle any of the LE related programs... :confused:

So basiaclly, I have no idea why Strpix is acting this way on your computer.
Have you tried re-installing it?

12-04-08, 10:10
If your texturing a static make sure the visibility/collision square isnt visable, apart from that try a different or newer version of strpix

Lara's Backpack
12-04-08, 23:29
Ive got the newest version of strpix and I have the problem on all objects no matter what the size is.

Also I dont think I have a slow computer, I can run all the tomb raiders just fine; and I dont have the collision/visibitlity box shown when I texture.

I think I might try an older version if I can find one. Any more advice? Its driving me absolutely crazy!

Its such a wierd thing - like I can rotate,pan and zoom in strpix fine. Its just whenever I do anything to do with the textures. IE, rotate, place one, mirror ect. that I have to wait.

Lara's Backpack
15-04-08, 09:43
Sorry to bump this - but I really need help. Its such a deterrent and its incredibly frustrating! Those who make objects know how annoying it is to retexture something ect. even with the program working at normal speed... This is unbelievable!!

24-04-08, 06:52
I'm only guessing but it could be your video drivers. Try updating them or rolling them back.
PixStr's readme mentions something about opengl texture buffers slowing PC down.