View Full Version : TR1 Lara's outfit in the house

Lara Trent
30-08-03, 19:07
I was wondering (very seriously) about lara's outfit in TR1. In tr2 and tr3 Lara was with different costumes which I liked but I don't know
if there's another in 1st game. Can someone send me a picture of it if its different than Lara's usual outfit ?

John Falstaff
30-08-03, 19:24
All I remember from TR1 was the basic boots (socks), shorts, vest and back pack (oh! and twin pistols). I don't remember any other outfit. So if you've seen the basic gear in later games I think that's it.

31-08-03, 00:43
I think it's black pants and a black sports tank. And somethin on her wrists... Can't quite place it though...

31-08-03, 02:40
Black tracksuit bottoms, blacka sports top, and sweat bands

Lara Trent
31-08-03, 09:01
Thanks a lot people. Can some1 send me a picture please(or post it here)?

31-08-03, 09:54