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12-04-08, 03:13
Hey, I hope someone can be of help cause I'm about to go nuts.
I am playing Armageddon's Temple by Elvis Tupcijenko, it's my second attempt since I gave up on it the first time out of boredom... This time however I'm stuck... big time.

I'll try to explain the best I can:

I'm in the second level, after having ridden the motorcycle across those gaps in the temple (changed the level), rode past a bridge and up to a hill with a chasm with a small pool at the bottom. Ok. I grabbed the crevice and got on top of the bridge. Went left, climbed a few ledges (suspended in mid-air) towards the top, there I got the "Blossom of Ice" (an effigy). Made my way down, and went through the other door, went down the stairs, passed a dead monk, and I found myself at the bottom of the chasm (the one with an ice column in the center, on top of which I got the Blossom). There's a black plant with something buried beneath the ice. I went through the doors and found a yeti. I killed it and went deeper into the cave. I found a room with an icicle, I grabbed it, and a pedestal was set on fire, now the walkthrough says I need a torch, but... I can't find the torch!!!! I read another walkthrough and it said it was behind a close gate nearby where I got the icicle, the problem is I can't open it!!! And I think I've done everything right. No matter what I do I can't find a way to open that door and get the torch, and then melt the ice by the black plant.

Can anyone help me on this?

BTW, I've even replayed everything from the start of the level (previous savegames) in case it was a bug. No success.
I can provide screenshots if you want.

11-07-08, 20:15
Oh dear, I don't visit here as often anymore (you would've had a better chance of getting my reply from trle.net forums or by e-mailing me directly), so this has slipped past me entirely. I know you've probably abandoned this by now (or got past it), but I'll clear this up anyway:

Lighting the body in the ice is only needed for the secret. You had to open the door to the torch via finding a previous secret (in the monkey-swing 'maze') to get this one though. In theory you can still backtrack for it and get this one - but I'm not sure how willing you would be to do so :) In any case - the Icicle and the Blossom of Ice were your main objectives here - so you can easily move on after getting them :)