View Full Version : Is it possible to make a slingthrow?

12-04-08, 11:20
I was very interested when I read the thread about arming Lara with a sword. And very disheartened when Daoine Sidhe wrote that the number of frames and Lara's meshes used during the shooting animations are limited.

I've been playing with a thought about making a "young" Lara armed with her slingthrow from TR5 Ireland.

According to the sword-thread Lara only uses her hands and arms when shooting with her pistols. And the number of frames was low. As a result the club-animation Daoine Sidhe had made mostly made Lara circle her hand when she hits an enemy with the club.

How do I find out what number of frames and what meshes a shooting animation allows? Do they simply have to be the same a the original animation?

After I'd read the sword thread I though about using an adult Lara and replace her skin with the skin of the young Lara. It's possible to disable her pistols with TREP as I just set the amount of pistol ammunition to zero.

My interest has gone to the shotgun animation as it seems to use most of Lara's upper torso and arms and has a reload animation.
The shotgun on Lara's back could be replaced with a slingthrow peeking out from her backpack.
Then I'd have to make an aim-with-a-slingthrow-animation and a ditto shooting animation. And the reload animation could be a reach-into-backpack-for-more-pebbles-animation.

I also need to find out at precisely what frame of the shooting animation the weapon is fired and the game engine generates hits (blood or shattered objects) and misses (ricochets).

So far this is only an idea I'm playing with. I've never made an outfit for Lara so I'm very inexperienced. And dreaming is cheap :p.

But if you know something about the shooting animations (how to determine the allowed number of frames, allowed bodyparts, the frame the game engine registers a shot fired) or other relevant information about the shooting in TRLE I'm all ears.

12-04-08, 11:24
There was one in a Christmas level named Christmas Train by uranos1.

It was based on the revolver or crossbow. :)

I guess you could ask him or her if you could borrow it if possible.

12-04-08, 11:47
Just downloaded it. It also sounds as a great level. I have never played any christmas levels before.

12-04-08, 16:58
As far as I know, GodOfLight has made a slingshot for Young Lara in the shotgun slot, so it is at least possible... :)

02-05-08, 15:18
Interesting. Maybe I'll just wait to see if GodOfLight one day releases this on TRSearch.

And I truly enjoyed Uranos' Christmas Train. Both as a player (a great deal of clever puzzles in one train level - and I always thought train levels were limited because of their size) and as a builder (Uranos displays an abundance of ingenious solutions).

And it's a pleasant christmas level with a very nice ending.