View Full Version : Wadmerger Sound Problem?

12-04-08, 13:30
I've copied a TR3 Baddy into an animating slot, but now I have Its screwed up all of the sound effects, Ive had this problem before Ive just never gone as far to fix it.

How do I copy it without changing my existing sound effects? ( I dont want the baddys sounds )

12-04-08, 13:50
If they had new sound effects, that should have been included in the download, you cut the sounds from the folder downloaded, and paste them into your sound/samples folder. If they didn't include them, then shouldn't they already be in the folder?

12-04-08, 15:14
Its not from a download , Im using tr3 data file (tr2) I just want to copy the baddy into an animating slot, previous versions of wadmerger used to copy it normally , but now it doesnt have an option to stop the sounds being altered also