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12-04-08, 19:11
Im new and my name is Jessica and i joined this forums pages...

Well i dont know anything about trle except i got it now, only thing is how 2 use it?

any tutorials on texturing and objects or geomitry ?


to chat my msn is jessicapowell@live.co.uk

my brother is playerjck530 some people know him :D

12-04-08, 19:13

/Pickout certain ones there! ;)

12-04-08, 19:19
I can personally help you with some things:jmp: Do you know how to private message? If so, send a message to me.

12-04-08, 19:31
i know PRIVATE MESSAGES (PM) my brother is registered on here you know he replyed (playerjck530)


12-04-08, 20:02
Even Lights tutorials :D

13-04-08, 10:24
Welcome to this forum tr-jess! :wve:

Thread moved to the general TRLE section.
Tutotrials section is for tutorials only. ;)

16-04-08, 19:56
Request Deletion.

16-04-08, 20:00
This is not what i wanted :spm:

And this is :off: :hea::hea::hea::hea:

16-04-08, 20:05
Request Deletion.

16-04-08, 20:06
There are many tutorials on my site, TRLE.co.nr (http://TRLE.co.nr). If you need any help let me know, I've got a few years experience under my belt. [:

16-04-08, 20:09
And TRFan23 i know you we talked for days on MSN :D

Ckeck mate :cln:

And thank everyone!

16-04-08, 20:14
well Matt your old web site Jack tried it http://ihabb.com

16-04-08, 21:33
Yess, it was previously Ihabb.com.

It's changed since then, and is now accessed at either
trle.co.nr (http://trle.co.nr) or sceneshiz.com (http://sceneshiz.com)

It's the same content, just moved to my other site.

Lara's Backpack
16-04-08, 22:55
Jess - try the manual that is included with the download. It steps you through building you own varient of a level pre-made just for learning.

Its great, I had loads of fun creating it. Many builders go back to it for help with certain aspects of the the editor :)