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13-04-08, 02:53
So I was studying for my computer algorithm exams, and I stumbled upon this old program during my search. Needless to say it was very neat, a program that talk like a therapist, when in fact it does not understand anything about human emotions or possesses any intelligence.

Tried my hand on the program from this link (http://www.manifestation.com/neurotoys/eliza.php3), and this is what I get...

A typical converstaion with ELIZA program:

ELIZA: Have you tried ?
Input: i am trying
ELIZA: Do you enjoy being trying ?
Input: you are the one that is 'trying'
ELIZA: Do you sometimes wish you were the one that is 'trying' ?
Input: yes
ELIZA: You are sure.
Input: well yes
ELIZA: I see.

I'm still trying to decphier the parsing algorithm from the program, but this example sums up how this program works in principle:

Input: I am
ELIZA: Is it because you are that you came to me ?
Input: I am
ELIZA: How long have you been ?
Input: I am
ELIZA: Do you believe it is normal to be ?
Input: I am
ELIZA: Do you enjoy being ?
Input: I am
ELIZA: Is it because you are that you came to me ?

Pretty neat stuff...

13-04-08, 04:24
Ah yes good old ELIZA.

The original was written in SLIP by a doctor a few decades ago - basically it only recognises a few words and turns them back around etc. He used it in his medical practice, and a lot of people used it and went home feeling better. They thought they were talking to a real person, and I guess they just wanted someone to talk to.

I have the source for the original somewhere, when I was at Uni I ported it to C++ for an assignment, and fancied it up a bit...