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13-04-08, 14:26
Hi everyone,
Is there anywhere or anyway that you can get Monks in your level. I've tried TRSearch but that doesn't seem to have any. I've seen them in Titak's HM level. Or did she make them herself?

13-04-08, 14:28
I changed the appearance of the monk, but I originally downloaded a monk from TR Search Engine. ;)

13-04-08, 14:31
When I typed in Monk, I didn't get any monks. There were lots of other things except Monks!!!

All that was there were Monkey bars and stuff!!!

13-04-08, 14:35
Try Lara's Levelbase.
They also host lots of stuff from earlier TR games. ;)

I may have gotten the monks from there. It's been such a long time since I downloaded that monk that I'm not quite sure anymore where I got it from. :o

13-04-08, 14:40
Is it under Downloads? If so, is it Tomb Raider Level Editor- and then you choose TR2 and the monks from the Barkhang level? Or is it something else?

13-04-08, 14:56
What level is it from? I'll grab you the monk but what slot is it supposed to go in?

13-04-08, 14:57
I think it's from Barkhang Monastery- but I'm not sure about the slot- maybe one of the baddy slots or horseman.

13-04-08, 15:14
Well i am not sure what to put it as. If someone tells me the correct slot i will rip the sounds for them.

I've got revision for my exams to do this week so i plan to do more helpful things. my plan is to create official game soundpacks.....tr2,tr3,I had done tr5 but i will update it to include the shotgun and pistol sounds since they are different. If anyone has any samples already that they will let me include that are ready to use I will be very very grateful. :)

13-04-08, 15:18
Thank you Titak and Stranger1992- I managed to find the Monks that I needed- you were great help- thanks again.

The monk was in the scorpion slot.

Also, I thank you for telling me that you can get objects on Lara's Level Base- I usually use TRSearch- but there are a lot of different enemies here!