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30-08-03, 19:16
Ok Draco

4th July

30-08-03, 19:21
Hehe, I meant in the other topic...hehe...

Make a new post with all the birthdays... http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

30-08-03, 19:24
Oh sorry

John Falstaff
30-08-03, 19:30

Now I am confused. Why are there two birthday listing threads?

Or can we be like the Queen and have two birthdays?

That would be great!


30-08-03, 20:19
sorry John Didn't understand what Draco said I'm getting old but not as old as you http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

30-08-03, 20:49
GASP Neil!!!
I thought that with such a name you had to be something like.....15 or so?! No offence intended of course, but I just seem to read a lot into people's names and all the Neils I know are way younger than me!!! ;)

John Falstaff
30-08-03, 20:54
Hi Niel,


Still a little confused about the different threads - but no matter. Is it true your name is only fifteen years old. What were you called before?

Also a prediction, while I may be older than you, I'll be put out to stud, not to grass!


30-08-03, 21:14

My name is spelt NEIL the name may be 15 years old but you only as old as the women you fill thank God my younger than me!

30-08-03, 21:18
Sorry I try that again

What do you mean the name is 15 years old.

You only as old as the women you feel thank God my woman is younger than me!

Thats the trouble with getting older sarcassim and loss of memory and I am good at both of them !

John Falstaff
30-08-03, 21:18
Sorry Neil,

no offenNe meant!


John Falstaff
30-08-03, 21:26
Hi Neil,


15 year thing, refer to Steph Croft's leg pull above! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

Sorry about the poor spelling on the apology about the poor spelling. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/redface.gif

Understand the woman bit.

What's the best real ale in Peacehaven?


30-08-03, 21:44
Funny you should ask because at the moment I am drinking a bottle of Balndford Fly, it has a nice hint of ginger in it after that I am go to sink a bottle of Golden Glory has a peachy after taste to it. I prefer the beers made by the small breweries to those mass produce ones.

there is a local farm shop that has a range of local produce beers and scrumby with no added fizz. The majority of these have a short lifespan about 4 weeks so there is no added things in them nice and prue.

And with the new season apples starting shortly there will be plenty of ciders to choose from. Oh I can't wait

I take it that you can only get that horrible fizzy lager stuff in Paris then.

John Falstaff
30-08-03, 22:14


Don't know those particular brands. But once upon a time I was very heavily into (draft) real ales, from Ruddles, Fullers, Theakstons, Greene King, Adnams, Youngs etc:.

I'm in a hamlet in SW France, not Paris, with a permanent population of two people, two cats an three dogs! No bar, no chippy etc:(sob, sob).

The good news is that one can get some of the good Belgian bottled beers, if your willing to go to the regional supermarket. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

The even better news is that I'm in one of the greatest food regions of the world (Perigord) and 20 miles from THE greatest wine district in the world (Bordeaux). While I can't get a good bit of chedder, Cornish Pastie, or even a light and Bass, I have the feeling that I may survive!


30-08-03, 22:49

True you can't beat a draught ale and now I envy you living where you do. Don't know where I got Paris from as I said errlier old age is creeping up on me.

Have been to Bergerac on a holiday and as you say the food is first class came back a nearly a stone heavier than when I went,that was 9 ago and I still hvaen't lost it yet !

John Falstaff
30-08-03, 23:26
Hi Neil,

Often France is equated with Paris. Not round here, they really do NOT like '75' plates.

Bergerac, wine good, (not up to our - snoby - level). But, true story, when I was a kid we were at a really good restuarant in Bergerac (imaginatively called 'Le Cyrano de Bergerac').

Around 8.30 the doors were closed and barred. Dozens of people were turned away; despite room in the restau. Why, 'cos the Chef refused to serve anyone else, they had no more fresh bread to serve with the meals - and that was all she wrote.!

All of which reminds me .....