View Full Version : Big strpix problem please help!

13-04-08, 18:08
I was messing around with the lighting editor in strpix, and now my Lara's headmesh will not light properly ingame - it doesn't react to the lighting, remaining as if it's just plain white from all sides. how do I make it react normally to lighting again?

13-04-08, 18:20
Weird. Unclick "enable lights" and save again. Lighting editor is cool for statics :)

13-04-08, 18:37
Lighting cannot be used on animating. Nothing happens when you try that on Lara. If you can then you imported the Lara headmesh as static.

When you remapped vertices you must use re-calc normals on the mesh. Otherwise you must have entered a bug if you can do what you just said.

13-04-08, 19:57
I must have done a bug - it's a mesh I'ev used for ages with no problems, and doing what Stranger said didn't help.

Thankfully, reimporting the mesh solved the problem :) Thanks