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14-04-08, 09:18
I'm 6ft 5in, (still growing), 16 years old and moderately deaf.

But what I want to ask you, is...does the following ever happen to you bearing in mind the sentence at the top.

Since the beginning of year 11, I started to calm down and not be immature anymore. (I still have my moments, :D). Since then, 5 girls and 3 guys in my year have asked me for help with problems that they've got. Some educationally, some to do with relationships and some to do with sex, (the organs and sex itself). I still have no idea why they asked me, but I always tried my best in helping them, and I believe it works out alright because the people usually said, 'so and so recommended you.'

What I found the most unusual, is that I would have thought I would have been the worst person to speak to. Because I'm deaf, the doctors didn't actually know until I was about 2 years old, and didn't start speaking at all until 4. So I would have thought I would have lacked behind in speaking skills.

But with these people saying that I was recommended, I decided not to be afraid of speaking. However, I still am and hardly ever talk.

I decided to help people as much as I could, and with that, managed to get 3 guys and girls together, and another couple I helped to break up without them hating each other.

But the thing that I'm really pleased about, was that two of my friends suddenly got into an argument over a girl, and they were within two different groups of friends, so about 15 people were hating 10 people. It's not the best of situations. However, I decided to get the MSN of everyone within those groups, (I didn't have the time to meet up with them), and talk to them all. After a gruelling 3-4 days, I managed to stop the hatred between the two groups and both guys that wanted to go out with the girl, ended up not.

That occured in March, and since then, I've helped a guy and girl, (not together), deal with their sexual problems.

What I'm asking is, has anything like that happened to you?

Soma Holiday
14-04-08, 09:22
Props to you for helping people, but i can't help but shake my head when I hear about 16 year olds needing help with "sexual problems."

But no, I can't say that has ever happened to me...that's a pretty elaborate situation for someone else to have gone through...but if you're asking if I've given advice...sure, but I've never been sought out for it...

14-04-08, 09:40
but i can't help but shake my head when I hear about 16 year olds needing help with "sexual problems."

I didn't phrase it right...but basically the guy worried about the size of it, and girl didn't like her tiny...breasts...I couldn't just leave them worrying about it.

Soma Holiday
14-04-08, 10:18
Well I'm glad you helped them realize size isn't everything...or visa versa...:p

now the convo should get back on track before it gets debunked to Mature Chat...;)