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14-04-08, 14:02
I have a question for the bigger fans out there.
Is there any good book about the band and Trent Reznor? Or, if not, then a good documentary on DVD?

Soma Holiday
14-04-08, 14:14
Here's a few results on amazon...though they don't seem that promising.


I am a huge fan of the music they create, but I tend to keep out of bands personal lives just because it takes away from my relationship with the noise. Though i do consider Trent Reznor god because he is pure unadulterated evil genius. I'd probably give in to a good NIN documentary...:D

Their DVDs are great! I know that's not what yur looking for, but just thought I'd offer it up. Hope you find somethin good. Lemme know if you do.

14-04-08, 15:21
Thanks for the link... Not very impressive books, I agree, but I might give a shot at that Martin Huxley one simply 'cause I saw it cheap at eBay.. ;)

It's really just a matter of curiosity for me because I discovered how much I can relate to a huge number of the songs and it's made me want to know what's behind them.

14-04-08, 15:21
I never knew thee was a book about them! interesting!