View Full Version : Your Last Day On Earth

14-04-08, 15:57
I don't mean to be completely morbid and send you guys into a phase of depression but it does make me wonder sometimes, some days I realise that just don't pay enough attention to family, do things that make me happy or make the most out of what I have. Lots of people always say to each other "Live everyday like it's your last" and I think I haven't really been doing that at all.

So I would like to create this thread asking you guys what you would do if you found out that tomorrow would be you final day as a live being, how would you live differently, who would you pay particular attention on and what would you like to achieve in the last 24 hours of your life?:) I don't want this to turn out to be a really sad thread I just would like you to think what would make your day the most important and special.:tmb:

14-04-08, 16:12
There is a thread still active on just this kind of thing.