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15-04-08, 00:45
The Darkness
In development since July 2007, I'm officially announcing the production of the new horror-survival level set, "The Darkness." A game for fans of Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Condemned, and other horror games. The game takes place in the abandoned, underground world of New York City, where Lara Croft will fight her way through many levels, battling all types of creatures of the Dark. The story is still in development, but when I get complete the plot, it will be posted.


This game will include the uses of:
A custom-modified version of NGLE, to increase level quality,
High-quality custom textures, and polished textures from Silent Hill,
Non-linear levels with diverse traps, enemies, and creative puzzles,
and so much more.

I'm hoping this level set will not disappoint, as I have put months of work into this project. I know I announced another project earlier, which was Tomb Raider: Rebirth. It was a modification of the original TR, with new lighting, enemies, traps, and graphics. This project has been canceled, due to lack of interest, with both me, and the playing community. I'm better suited to create my own levels, instead of editing others. The positive reviews, and successful rating of my last level set, Curse of the Mountains (http://trle.net/reviewsearch/levelfeatures.php?lid=1723), have given me the encouragement to reach out farther, and make something better.

Teaser Trailer
Link (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPsqYL1pgnk)

Thanks for reading, and please let me know your thoughts about this project.

God Horus
15-04-08, 00:51
Looking, and sounding great! But that picture may need to be editied, because it has a swear word in it, and TRF has the censor system so that these words will not be shown.

Awww, it is a shame that Rebirth got cancelled, it looked very, nice (especially the manor, way more colourful and interesting)

edit - Alright, great that you removed the swears, but there are still more, and for it to still look nice, and not unrealistic, just smudge the other swears out or put blood stains on them.

15-04-08, 01:28

Looks fantastic! :tmb: I' love it. The whole feel and level design looks atonishing, yet, scary and atompsheric. Keep it up. :D

15-04-08, 01:32
texturing is great :tmb: the textures remind me of what psiko might make :D

15-04-08, 12:06
you stole my subway idea... well not really-our games have nothing to do with each other, but they both are quite scary.

good luck.:D

15-04-08, 13:18
Looks good to me. Good luck on that. I love horrors.

15-04-08, 15:35
hmm, it's like AOD and Resident Evil combined...:pi: How'd you do it...

15-04-08, 19:30
Thanks for the positive feedback, I'm glad to see some interest with this. If anyone has questions, or suggestions, I'd love to hear them. [:

15-04-08, 20:06
I got a question...


15-04-08, 20:07
AOD texture's? AOD outfit?

16-04-08, 04:14
I got a question...


I'm not sure what aspect your referring to as looking like AOD, but Lara's outfit is from AOD. The textures are all custom or from Silent Hill.

16-04-08, 14:28
AAH nevermind, it just looked like she had movements from AOD (same anims?)

16-04-08, 15:14
I want to play it! :eek:

Zelda master
16-04-08, 15:15
Nice use of the Texas Chainsaw Massacare trailer:p

16-04-08, 19:52
AAH nevermind, it just looked like she had movements from AOD (same anims?)
I'm using some new custom animations, yes. Somewhat similar to AOD.

Nice use of the Texas Chainsaw Massacare trailer:p
Haha, you noticed. Thankss though. :p

I want to play it! :eek:
Success, thanks for the interest. [: