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Lara's #1 Pal
15-04-08, 06:45
Is it possible to do legend style pole swinging?

Or to download/rip and modify the chronicles one so it looks like legend, add some more anims making lara have the ability to stop etc etc.

Lara's Backpack
15-04-08, 10:10
.. what is it with people and creating stupid threads that ask stupid questions tonight??

All it takes is alittle searching on the usual sites, being here, trsearch.org, lara's level base ect. even google it; it works surprisingly often.

never the less, I think the required objects and animations are included in this file http://www.trsearch.org/Items/1935

15-04-08, 11:46
im working on that now. it reqiure trep. chill out:D!!

15-04-08, 11:48
it reqiures trep.

no it doesnt! lol

15-04-08, 11:52
for trl style it does!!

15-04-08, 11:53
for trl style it does!!

No it really doesnt

15-04-08, 11:56