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15-04-08, 13:01
yesterday I started building another room for the manor I selected a nice collour for the room but today when I builded the room next to it I couldn't find the collour anymore! the pallate was changed and I really knew where I had it! How can I keep my old pallate ore move a collour from paint ore something into TRLE

15-04-08, 13:34
You can't lock some of the colours. Sadly...
The only thing you could do to keep the colour is not to change your TGA.
Because the colour pallete is depending on the TGA.

15-04-08, 14:40
what about saving the colour as a small bmp square and when you need it just import ('paste from') it into your picture and use the dropper to get its values

15-04-08, 15:10
Thanks I've got my collour back! :D (just use the old texture's for a while ! :D

24-05-08, 09:12
This has made me wonder:

If I use the palet to assign a certain colour to a lightbulb and later update/change my TGA so the colours in the palet change will the colour of the lightbulb change then with it?

24-05-08, 12:01
No because the light bulb get it's own RGB on it :D