View Full Version : Another Level Editor?????

15-04-08, 17:17

Is there some alternatives for the TRLE to build TR levels with???
Because i was hoping to build TR levels with another Editor...

So if you have some alternatives for me, please...

Thanks is Advance

15-04-08, 17:30
Ah theres Dxtre3d....google it......
Its MUCH easier

15-04-08, 17:37
Thanks, but i was more looking for something else...
Something that makes my levels more 3D and less quare....

15-04-08, 17:58
Well if im not mistaken....u can import maps to 3ds max, blender or metasequale (spelling :confused:)

15-04-08, 17:59
That's something out of my leak.... lol..
I'm not that good :p

And what about this Crysis thing???
Is that good??? But i hate those first person shooter games, i wanna see my character...

Is that possible with Crysis???

15-04-08, 18:06
seeing the character? I dont think so.......

15-04-08, 18:07
Are you any good in meta?

if so, not good enough. As i know people have said you need to be good at Meta because courses are built that way. This topic is more of a Gen chat one but oh well..

Capt. Murphy
15-04-08, 18:08
Uh... There is the Next Generation Level Editor (NGLE) in a sticky topic here in this forum section. But maybe that's not what you'd want either. Have you tried that one yet?

I just now downloaded it myself... Haven't tried it yet. I'm guessing I should extract the zip to my current trle folder...? :-/

15-04-08, 19:32
Well, i've use the TRNG a long time ago, but i've had it with quares right now... I want something new, something amazing looking....

15-04-08, 20:31
You are asking the impossible. TR1 up to 5 IS square. It's a fact, face it, no other way around. Want to build "less square" levels ? Then you need to revert to another game then Tomb Raider. Unless you know how to model levels for TRL/TRA ( hence editors don't excist yet ). Or model your own enviroment with 3D modelling program and import it at the end, it will be also mainly square.

15-04-08, 20:53
We are going to get a TRA engine Level Editor in about...five years?

Excuse my sarcasm, I couldn't resist:o

I really don't think there is another level editor like what you are asking about. I know exactly what you are thinking, but Dxtre3d is about as close as you can get. Sorry:(

15-04-08, 21:18
I think he means something like a Quake / MaxPayne / Half Life/Portal /Far Cry Level Editor (SDK's).

All of them require serious 3d modelling, in comparison TRLE is a point n click editor.