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15-04-08, 19:19
I though I ever saw some spoons and stuff for hanging on the wall but can't find them! :hea: does anyone know where I can find this cind of stuff?

15-04-08, 19:24
Yasin asked me to do some in the tr2 style so i am working on some ;)

God Horus
15-04-08, 19:25

15-04-08, 19:28
Yasin asked me to do some in the tr2 style so i am working on some ;)

GREAT! because I'm working on my manor kitchen and I really need some because it will look to empty and to big kitchen blocks :p

15-04-08, 19:34
Yasin also mentioned your name in regards....any requests..?

15-04-08, 20:07
pots and pans that hang on the wall! :D and maybe a vase ore something with wooden spoons and stuff :D

God Horus
15-04-08, 20:12
Some counters to go with it would also be nice :D

15-04-08, 20:21
Could someone go grab me a shot or several of the tr2 kitchen? I am making a mixed disc with the audio tracks on at the moment so i cant see...

15-04-08, 20:34
Yasin asked me to do some in the tr2 style so i am working on some ;)

Wow, either its me or some supernatural power has ripped my evil shadow from my body and is asking people to create things for me. Interesting, enlighten me please.

15-04-08, 20:39
errmm...Yasin.....I think you may have a doppleganger. ...are you not the email address I have pm'd u with?

15-04-08, 20:41
No ?

Whoever the doppleganger is, must be some retarted kid who thinks it is funny to imitate people. I pitty people like that. When trying to imitate me, atleast imitate me correctly.

15-04-08, 23:44
Can i make them lime green then? :P

No i am thinking square tiles ones

God Horus
15-04-08, 23:48
They sound nice. Speaking of kitchens, I am in the middle of renovating mine (totally off topic, I know, but atleast it's about kitchens!)

15-04-08, 23:56
Do me a favour. IS your cooker about half as high as you? I want to get it realisitc. Mine is compared to me so I jsut want to know from someone else.

Anybody need a fridge? I am looking at creating one like the TRC lockers...

God Horus
16-04-08, 00:16
I guess it would be slightly above half of mine. If you want, I can run TR2 and take some referemce shots (if I can still get it to run)

16-04-08, 00:52
4 Blocks Wide:It comes out through half a sector, so its half a sector deep i guess. :)


It needs a 4 click high box at the ends. I haven't sized it but it will be about 2 clicks high. :) On it is a drawer, knife and chopping board, cookbook and a pencil. :) I am tempted to make a blender too. :)

16-04-08, 07:50
Ooh! Just what I need for my mansion! :jmp: (Kitchen stuff.)

God! You answered my prayers! :jmp: :jmp:

A fridge would be nice. :tmb:

A kitchen object pack would be awesome! :tmb:

16-04-08, 17:37
Just to get this out once and for all:
I don't have MSN, IM, or whatever chatbox account.

So if any of you is ever contacted through MSN or whatever by someone with a username similar to my online name or my real name, you know you are being played with.

Kitchen counter is looking good. :tmb:

God Horus
18-04-08, 23:18
Yes, a blender would go very nicely on the counter! :D

24-04-08, 06:18
Yay! I was so glad you are working on kitchen objects - I couldn't hold myself! :D

I was exhausted looking for stove and counter textures throughout Internet...

And soon, we'll be able to use kitchen objects! Thank you, Stranger1992! ;)